Briyaunna Crawley – Salons by JC Superstar

There was a time when Briyaunna wasn’t sure she wanted to become a nurse or a hairstylist. Her clients today must be real happy she decided to bring her talents to world of cosmetology! Briyaunna Crawley began her career over seven years ago after making the decision to move from her home in Michigan to Greensboro NC. After landing in Greensboro she attended cosmetology school and after graduation began a successful stint at Jade salon where she learned her craft and developed what has become a very loyal following. This past spring she made the leap into self-employment opening Studio B at Salons by JC. Briyaunna was nervous about the move but as she tells it “my clients really love where I am at now and they have come to enjoy the privacy of having my business inside of a Salons by JC.” Briyaunna adds that “My clients have really come through for me. My business has actually grown because of the referrals they are giving me.” Another aspect of the business is that Briyaunna can sell whatever products her clients need. Currently, I offer Design Essentials and use Matrix as my color line. “I am really into healthy hair. Its important to be fit physically and important that your hair has integrity. The right products translate into real healthy hair!”

Briyaunna Crawley Greensboro

A second and perhaps more important aspect has been the freedom to schedule her clients around the needs of her of the clients and her family. As a new mom of a sixteen month old baby that is even more important now than it ever has been. Briyaunna adds that “the flexibility to control my schedule has been a great part of my business.”

Briyaunna runs a full-service salon specializing in blow-outs, color, and more. You can easily connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. Or connect with her by email at [email protected]

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