Jo-Lynn Greenman – Salons by JC Concierge Superstar

Jo-Lynn has been on the administration and management side of the salon and spa industry for 10 years. “I had spent several years trying my hand at retail, restaurants, and administrative assistant work, but none of them stuck,” Jo-Lynn says, “Then I landed a job as a front desk coordinator as a salon and spa. It was a great fit for my personality and skill set, and I was moved into management fairly quickly.”

After being in the entertainment industry and having a general love for artistic expression in general, she has always enjoyed being able to use her management skills in a creative atmosphere. “Being a creative person has helped me understand and relate to my stylists as creators,” Jo-Lynn says, “It’s about understanding what it means when your art, your craft is also your source of income and how sensitive that can be sometimes. There is a certain passion and connection to our tenants’ work that I can relate to and support and encourage them in.”

Jo-Lynn was drawn to Salons by JC because she liked the idea of helping professionals start and run their own business instead of just managing employees. It’s extremely rewarding for Jo-Lynn to give the beauty professionals at her Salons by JC Cool Springs location the encouragement to express their own vision. Jo-Lynn partners with these like-minded professionals to give them the tools and the confidence to start their own business, and she’s proud to be a catalyst to their success.

“I love giving them a beautiful, neutral space to express their own identity, and if needed, to help them find that identity and encourage them to run with it,” Jo-Lynn says, “I love seeing our stylists busy and successful and happy doing what they love, without the drama of their previous jobs or the schedule restrictions. Dave, Johnson, and Land, the partners I work for, treat me and the tenants so wonderfully! They truly care about our well-being and happiness.”

Jo-Lynn enjoys the camaraderie among the professionals and the drama-free environment. Everyone at Salons by JC is truly supportive of each other and happy to be there doing what they love.

Another fun fact about Jo-Lynn—she has a music video! Check out our multitalented superstar on YouTube. We appreciate all of Jo-Lynn’s hard work and how she makes Salons by JC a positive place to work for all.

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