Marjil Mason – Salons by JC Superstar

Marjil Mason has always known she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She enrolled in a high school program for cosmetology, then continued to a cosmetology college where she excelled. Her specialties are Keratin straightening, cut and color, and working with curly hair. Through her career she has worked for up-scale salons, privately owned, and corporate salons.

As she continued her career, Marjil decided flexibility in schedule, more than anything, drove her to become her own boss. She also enjoyed the freedom to choose what product she wanted to sell.  Her favorite is Joico products for the simplicity of their lines and quality of their product.

Marjil opened her first salon and soon had a booming business. She later had to close the salon to spend more time with her young children. When her children were old enough she opened another salon but soon realized the administrative side to owning a salon was time consuming. She made a choice to down scale her operation and looked into suite concepts. Before finding her home with Salons by JC she leased from a suite concept with no manager on-sight which she realized she did not like.

“One day I was just in the area and saw a Salons by JC.“  To Marjil it seemed like the perfect solution. “I live closer to this shopping center and when I saw [Salons by JC] going in, I thought ‘OK, Eventually I’ll be there.’…I had been at the other salon for a year and it was a good time to move before my clientele got use to me being in that location.”

Marjil was sold on the aesthetics of the salon, location and the key factor of management on-site.  “Where clients are concerned, the cleanliness–how well things are kept up–matters.”Marjil Mason Round Rock 4

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