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For Salon Entrepreneurs and Wannabes: Plan, Hold on & Move into your Destiny! There has probably been a time or two that you thought to yourself….”I could run my own business and be my own boss. All I need to do is just find a place to do business, buy some products tell my guests and get busy running my own show!” Well if it were that easy….EVERYONE would be have their own business. The fact is, anyone can start a business it just takes a plan, some discipline and FAITH! Faith that everything you planned will not always work out perfectly but it CAN and WILL work out.

Let’s talk about the plan: Write it down and make it plain. Always write out your plan. Don’t know where to start? No worries…. start with what you know and you will no doubt learn more and grow from there. The idea is to put your dreams of entrepreneurship down on paper. Let your imagination run wild! Why? Doing so will motivate and inspire you to follow your dreams!

1. After writing down your dreams and aspirations of owning and running your own business. Put things in order and in perspective. a. Why do I want to do this? (Your why will make you try HARD!) b. Where will I do business? c. What do I need to do business? d. How will I do business?

2. The “How” might be your most important question because you will need equipment, product and tools of the trade to conduct your business. List these items and research the cost of each. This step might surprise you and really put things into perspective with regards to how soon you can set out on this venture.

3. If you want to open a salon or barbershop, consider setting up shop at a place like Salons by JC. Places like Salons by JC will eliminate overhead expenses and the upscale suites are ready for you to customize match your personality!

4. Consider a Partner. If not a partner in business, perhaps a mentor, a supporter, someone you trust and will listen to the advice of. Perhaps this could be someone who currently owns or has owned a business.

5. After thoroughly researching your Where, What and How, you will have a pretty good idea of how soon you will be able to open your business. Don’t quit your day job just yet! Give yourself a reasonable time line… will know when it’s time. Just keep moving forward so that you will stay inspired and focused.

6. Join a business group in your area, the exposure to like minded people and perspectives will keep you energized and ready.

7. One last tidbit. Before you start planning, talk to your significant other and relevant family members. This is a big and exciting step and you will need all the support you can get. The ones closest to you will be your biggest cheerleaders and will keep you grounded. The Best to You!

Mona Echard is a 19 year veteran of the cosmetology industry, with a wealth of experience. As a technical and operational salon trainer she has a passion for developing salon professionals to reach above and beyond their own, sometimes, self-imposed limitations. As a salon owner and founder of a non­profit salon organization which helped build the self-esteem of women in homeless and transitional facilities, she does not hesitate to share real and honest experiences that will facilitate effective professional and personal growth. Now as CEO and President of MoEc Concepts’ her mission is to provide consulting and training to the salon professional, with an emphasis on developing good habits and practical balance in their lives, so that success is imminent! You can email Mona directly here.

Mona echard of mona concepts

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