Nozomi – JC Superstar

Nozomi started out as an aerobics instructor in Japan. When she got pregnant, she decided to change her career by enrolling in beauty school to raise her child. Nozomi says with a laugh, “If I hadn’t gotten pregnant, I wouldn’t be a hairstylist today”.


Nozomi has been a stylist for 21 years. She worked for 5 years in Japan and 10 years in Hawaii before moving to California. She says that the system in Japan is very different from the US. Even though you graduate from beauty school, you can’t become a stylist right away in Japan. You have to work as an intern in a salon and practice your skills after business hours for several months before you can actually work with a customer. She feels this instilled a discipline in her.


Now she is an experienced and skilled hair stylist. Many of her customers are Japanese and she goes to seminars to learn the newest Japanese styling and techniques. She says she needs to keep up with new trends to offer her clients the best. All of her products come from Japan including shampoos, conditioners and hair colors. Her business certainly reflects the international environment we have in the Silicon Valley.


Salons by JC Westgate Mall’s opening was perfect timing for Nozomi. She was looking for a place of her own while she was working at a salon in Los Gatos, one of several affluent areas in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her husband saw our ad in a Japanese weekly magazine. It did not take a long before she decided to sign a lease. She moved in just before Christmas after construction was finished.


She loves her new space. Nozomi says Salons by JC gives her the freedom to personalize her business, schedule, and space in ways she believes is important. For example, while many stylists take Sundays off, she opens her doors to her customers who find it convenient. She thinks the ability to schedule her own days and hours is wonderful. Equally important, her clients love the space and atmosphere we have to offer. We are grateful for Nozomi, a friend and stylist who is happy to have her business at Salons by JC Westgate Mall.

Nozomi JC Superstar


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