Robert and Allan – Salons by JC Superstars

It only takes a couple of minutes to realize why Robert Dubray and Allan Runge have had a long and very successful career in the hair business. Both Robert and Allen have decades of experience as stylists, salon owners and now as a salon suites owners at Salons by JC in San Antonio Texas.

Robert, a San Antonio native has been doing hair for 48 years (he doesn’t look a day over 49) and can remember working at the Frost Brothers salon when it was located in Hemisfair Plaza. Over the years Robert has worked at salon landmarks such as Mona’s, Joske’s and Ambiance Salon. Allen who hails from Ft Collins, Colorado came to Texas in the early 80’s and spent several years at the Saks Salon in Northstar Mall. Even though Robert and Allen have spent a lifetime doing hair it remains a passion and occupation that keeps them going. That passion comes from their childhood where both remember the joy of doing their grandma and sisters hair. Decades later you can find them both tending to their clients with the same passion and joy.

In 2001….Robert and Allan decided that their true goal was to become self-employed. They took the scary leap and opened X-Cel salon and for the next 13 years dedicated themselves to their clients and employees. After a long career behind the chair and a great run in a traditional salon they both decided it was time to make the move into a salon suite and this past year contacted Salons by JC for a tour.

They had heard about Salons by JC but it wasn’t until they visited with the Salon Concierge did they realize the true benefits of owning a salon suite. As Allan said “We really like being self-employed and didn’t want to give that up.” It was also important that they find place convenient and safe for their clients. Robert went on to say that “When my clients found out I wanted to move to Salons by JC they came over here and checked it out. They all had great things to say and encouraged me to make the move.” Both Robert and Allan went on to say that “The great thing now is that we don’t have employees or high expenses so we can do what we love which is travel as much as possible.”

Robert added that they enjoy the interaction with all the salon suite owners because there is no drama like a typical salon and that being able to bring the X-Cel salon over to Salons by JC was real important to them. This was the logical next step for us to have the same freedom of ownership but less financial commitments. Robert and Allan are true JC Superstars and an important part of the Salons by JC family!

For more information about X-Cel salon you can call Robert or Allan at 210-826-9035

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