Sanela Meehan – Salons by JC Superstar

Just seconds into a conversation and you know why Sanela Meehan has had a very successful career. Sanela who owns her salon suite at Salons by JC in Danbury is a bundle of energy wrapped around a passionate and dedicated cosmetologist. Sanela began her career nearly 20 years ago after emigrating to the United States from Bosnia as a young teen. A few years after high school she enrolled in cosmetology school and quickly realized her true calling. As Sanela relates it…it was those very difficult years during the war in Bosnia that created in a passion to help others. As a cosmetologist she can do this everyday and really make a difference. Right after school she began to learn the ropes at an Aveda salon and for the next 15 years worked to build a solid clientele that has followed her at every stop.

This past year Sanela saw an ad for Salons by JC and quickly realized that this would be the next logical step in her personal and career path. Sanela calls it “the perfect opportunity” to take care of my clients in a private and very beautiful setting. “My clients really love coming here” because of the one-on-one attention. I really love it because of the freedom to make my own schedule…and the ability to do what needs to be done for my clients. On top of that Sanela adds…we have a Concierge Service that attends to my clients if needed and makes sure the salon is being cared for. Walter Tumm the Concierge at the Danbury Salons by JC added that “Working with Sanela is a real pleasure because of her out-going spirit and passion which really comes across to everyone she meets.”

You can book directly with Sanela by email at [email protected] or stop by the Danbury location anytime to see any of our talented beauty professionals.

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